Marc Andreesen – the legendary tech investor is famous for his quote: “Software is eating the world!”. With this statement, he is eloquently elaborating  the fact that each and every company in every single country has to rethink their strategy in light of the software powered tsunami of new business models which will roil them.

We have seen company after company in industry after industry having to really search their souls and rethink their strategies as competition emerges from completely unforeseen directions – think AirBnb and the hotel industry, Uber and the auto industry, Amazon and the retail industry and the list goes on and on!

Given the above, many small and medium enterprises are looking to see how to take advantage of the benefits software provides and scale their businesses and go on the hunt rather than be hunted! Most of them call their smart nieces in college, the friendly neighbor who writes a blog, the college professor who claims to teach a computer course and ask them to be their software messiah and cobble something together to help them fight the digital wars!

We at Source Consulting have over 15 years of experience helping a range of companies, Fortune 100 to start-ups, across industries, set up their internal and external software arsenal and be best prepared not only to protect but to thrive in this changed world.

We are happy to share the lessons our customers have taught us in choosing and working with us to grow their businesses.

The questions they ask are:

  1. Do you know my industry?
  2. Do you have the technology depth and breadth to build the software and infrastructure to meet my specific needs?
  3. Will you be there for me tomorrow as I know my business will keep changing and evolving?
  4. Will you be able to understand and speak my business language and work with my people
  5. Have you done this before for a company of my size, in my geographic location?
  6. Have you delivered on time and within budget?

We think the software company that can best answer these questions satisfactorily is the software partner you should choose for a long term relationship – to protect and grow your business.