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Our Experienced Team

Our expert quality, regulatory compliance, commissioning, and qualification team has the technical skills and experience to make our clients’ projects successful. We have the support of industry-level thought leaders for defining and implementing best practices. Our team can quickly integrate with our clients’ project team to complete the project within their boundaries and expectations.

Through a multidisciplinary team of industry, regulatory, and scientific specialists, Source Consulting pharma consultants help organizations to prevent and resolve compliance problems and to develop efficient and effective strategies for the submission and approval of drugs, biologics, and devices. The company deploys only highly experienced consultants who consistently deliver top-quality results for a diverse base of global clients—including pharmaceutical biologic, biotechnology, medical device, and dietary supplement companies and the law firms that serve them.

Temporary Staffing Services

Temporary & Permanent HR Solutions

Source Consulting provides temporary and permanent staffing solutions to the life sciences industry.

Contingent Staffing Solution

We see contingent staffing as not only the strategic approach to reduce the company's cost, but also an opportunity to contribute to a company’s success through added talent.

Skill Improvement for temporary contracts

We provide skill development sessions to all our consultants to ensure they can contribute to our clients’ current and future projects.

Process improvement through talent innovation

We understand regulatory requirements and bring improvement to the state of regulatory compliance through talent innovation.

Performance reviews & rewards

Our internal performance review program allows us to see how our consultants are doing and provides an opportunity to appreciate their hard work and dedication.

Risk assessmnt & regulatory compliance

We utilize the ICH Q9 guidance document for training our consultants to ensure regulatory compliance in the tasks they perform at the client site.

Contingent staff within tipulated time frame

Our industry-ready talent pool and our skill competency scorecards enable us to fulfill your contingent staffing needs.

Recruiters who look beyond the resume

Our experienced recruiters get to know talent with diverse technical and life science experience in the life sciences industry.

Our Complementry Services

The Right Talent

Industry Ready Talent pool

Background and Reference Check for all candidates


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