Recruiters Check list to screen University enrolled international candidates

My recruiter friends often share stories about offer being declined by international students enrolled in universities due to one or many reasons. International graduate attract many recruiters because of following reasons:-

1.    Highly competitive university program with diversified skills

2.    Previous international experience

3.    Workable rate and higher margin for agencies

International students required to work under university oversight and required to complete certain norm in order to get the required work permit.

My all recruiter friend please follow below check list before presenting any international candidate to your client. If you able to ask the right questions and following the checklist I am sure none of your international candidate will walk away from offers.

Questions to be asked to international students:


Does your MS program Qualify for STEM If answer is yes your candidate is eligible go to question 2


Does your program offer Curriculum practical training (CPT Work Authorization) If the answer is yes your candidate is eligible go to question 3


How many month of CPT eligibility you have with you current program. You can get two type of answer either 8 month CPT work permit for STEM programs or 11 Months for non STEMS course. Here you need to make assessment how long is the assignment with your client for example 6 months , 9 months or 1 year. Based on candidate response and your job requirements you can decide whether to move ahead with this candidate or not.


How many month of CPT eligibility you have with you current program. This is a very critical question for example, if your candidate shortlisted and client want candidate to come on board within 10 business days. Some international universities takes 10-14 business days to process the work authorization as it needs educational, academic, background and visa verification. Based on candidate answer please make sound decision and update the same to your end client as well.


How many credits are required to become eligible for CPT work authorization and how many you have completed? This question is critical as many international students are unaware of the course, educations; required credits information’s to become eligible for CPT work authorization. Being a talent screening person its our responsibility to include this question in our screening process and if candidate dont have an answer have them contact university or call university or visit university website to figure out the right information.


Are there any specific months or semester or quarter in which you are allowed to start your CPT work authorization. Some university program require their students to spent required months in the program to ensure that the right education, United States professional work culture and work ethics knowledge transfer happen to enrolled students before they represent them to professional community.
Therefore we need to figure out the exact eligibility and program CPT requirements.


Being an international student I faced many challenges in history and put my candidacy, successful interview and job selection on risk. Further many international students are unaware of recruitment process and university work eligibility norms and regulations. Considering the same it’s our responsibility to educate the international student society about recruitment process and challenges in receiving of CPT work authorization permit from Universities.

Boston has the highest number of undergrads and graduate students enroll in university across USA. These international candidates bring unique diversified experience from overseas industries and can contribute with knowledge, skills and experience at your client site. However effective and careful screening need to be perform in order to avoid any possibility to situation where students found themselves helpless and unable to join the job offer.

24th Aug 2016