Professionals Career Repair for H4
Non –Immigrants

You might have heard of credit repair companies who help you fix your credit report and help you save hundreds of dollars in near future. But have you thought of your professional career repair? If not it’s a good time to do so.

Background on whom needs professional career repair:

Non-immigrants have diverse range of visas and have their specific work eligibility requirements. One of the visas is H4 Visa who is a dependent of H1B Skilled worker visa older. H4 visa doesn’t allow the visa holder to work in USA until approval of a green card stage I-140 of their dependent H1 Visa partners. For H4 Visa holders it takes average of 3-4 years to get work eligibility EAD to start their professional career again this adds an average GAP of 3-4 Years in H4 Visa holders resume. Job application with a career GAP of 3 years resume makes the job application process more complex with no fruitful results.

Challenges faced by H4 nonimmigrants:

Difficult to justify career GAP: Career Gap are always hard to justify during the interview process unless you have specific reasons other than work eligibility. Further with every day changing technology and utilization of same technology in various companies may lead you to look out dates during any interview. Moreover office technologies and work cultures are also changing every year drastically to focus on highly time efficient approach toward everyday tasks. Unawareness of all such latest tools may take away your chances of your selection during interview process.


Tiring Job application process: Many H4 candidates come from overseas countries where they were engaged in fulltime science technology professions with global companies. After coming to United States and realizing the H4 visa work authorization obligations they don’t apply for any type of job and have old resumes. After becoming eligible for work H4 candidates start job search by using their old resume format that they have used in their parent countries. Resume structure and skills assessment review is different in United States as compared to other countries. Hence using same old resume didn’t help candidates to get the desired job they are seeking.


Albescence of professional network: If you are a part of professional industry , you have professional friends, network on LinkedIn and recruiter network who can help you find a new job. Not working in any type of industry for many years make you feel alone with no professional network hence less opportunity to find new jobs. Man to man marketing are the most trust worthy and effective mode of marketing. With a excellent network you don’t face tough time with your job search, which is a challenge for H4 visa holders.


Challenge of deciding which filed to serve: After having professional GAP in your resume some time it’s very difficult to decide which filed you should serve going forward. Many candidates start their search in the same filed where they left many year before, may not leads you to a good job. For example a technology on which you worked 4 years before is revised 4 times with latest integration of many other technologies. To catch up with all such technology revisions and propose your candidacy for jobs is a whole new nut to crack. You need career assessment with which you can decide which field is easy to enter in industry at this time. Many opt of going for the first opportunity that comes their way and then try to find a job in their main work stream.

How professional career repair program works
1. Review background and interest

Candidates who enroll in talent development program under go detailed education, professional experience and immigration status review. Our experts will categorize candidates in various talent pool buckets with pre assigned curricula and talent improvement expert. Our program provide details about various work areas , job functions, day to day responsibilities and help you decide the field you want to rest your professional career.

2. Skill Assessment and Improvement

Based on your educations, any type of previous experience, education and vocational training we assess your skill level and assign a skill marker to review skill improvement while your enrollment in program. We utilize our in house standards, sop and e-learnings lessons created by industry leaders for skill improvement of our talents. In-depth technical in-person sessions with our consultants allow our talents to ask.

3. Executive Job search and Interview preparation

After successful completion of skill improvement phase, we support resume and profile makeover of our candidates. Our network of 5000+ virtual recruiters and professional network in life science industry, allow us to do executive research of jobs for our talents.

4. Post selection day to day assistance

Recruiting company do executive search for their prospective clients and place talented candidates for stipulated time frame. Considering the current status of our talents we assign a buddy consultant who takes daily follow up with our candidates to provide any type of assistance. Our assistance range from extending help in executing and completing assign tasks on day to day basis. We support consultant until the start feeling confident on their respective assigned roles.

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8th Aug 2016