Complimentary services your MSP can offer- HR Recruitment and Staffing

Do you know your Managed Service Provider offer below mention services complimentary?

1. Free temporary staffing for 4-6 week assignment
2. RAPS, ASQ and PDA memberships for your working contractors / part time consultants
3. Certifications : Six Sigma certifications, MIT Bio manufacturing courses, WPI Training courses
4. Immigration Support : H1B , Green Card
5. Sponsor your contractor to participate in company events and outdoor events
6. Yearly hourly rate increase to contractors - without increase in billing rate

(Don't let your contractor leave just because he is seeking higher rates and you don't have enough budget to support his/her employment. Your MSP has unique ability to raise the hourly rate without billing you higher than the decided bill rate)

Above mention features are provided by most of the Staffing Managed Service provider and can be great benefits to contractors in your organizations. Many contractor don’t get opportunity to grow their skills sets because either they are too busy in their long term projects or they don’t have dollars to spent on professional courses i.e. Six Sigma.

Reach out to your Managed services provider and let your contractor enjoy these complimentary benefits.

Thank you

Gourav Pandey

8th Aug 2016