International Professionals and the question of “US Experience”

The most common hurdle for international students and professional in process of securing a job is not having enough number of US experience. Being a student with several years of international experience I have faced the same challenge during my job search process. Every time I apply for Job recruiters than account manager followed by hiring manager, all have replied back with “you don’t have enough number of US experience.” While working in life science industry I realize that US experience won’t make much difference in your conceptual understanding, your previous experience, skills, expertise required for execution of any specific job responsibilities.

I would like to show a comparison of ERP systems used in life science companies in USA and overseas to make recruitment community aware of globalization of standards and process.

There are many starts up, small to mid-size companies in USA who can’t afford above mention systems and software’s thus use manual system operated by trained and professional individuals. All automated system work on the similar principal, guidance requirements and international standard requirements. Therefore I believe anyone who has international experience with above mention system experience can execute responsibilities in USA very easily.

Now let’s understand the working ethics, principles, methodology, applicable guidance, regulatory enforcement and other manufacturing process requirements in US and international market.

Now let’s consider some economic figures to see how far and strong FDA mandate its regulations to ensure safety of drugs used in United States. Indian and China are the biggest supplier of API (Bulk Drug) used in manufacturing of generic pharmaceuticals used over the counter and through prescription. FDA require finished pharmaceuticals company to ensure application of all FDA requirements in manufacturing facilities overseas where API or bulk drug is being manufactured. Hence professional s and students with global experience meets all the requirements, skills, conceptual and guidance understanding required to execute job responsibilities efficiently.

In conclusion I want to bring attention of recruitment community toward valuable, skilled, experienced and expert candidate data pool of international professional s and students. It time to review a candidate profile from a global perspective , international candidates have manufactured the life science products with same technology, regulations, rules , procedures and discipline as it is followed in USA. To all international experienced professionals my advice is to help you’re your recruiter realize how you match with the US job requirements the more we educate our recruitment partners the higher probability of securing your job opportunity.

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8th Aug 2016