Understand the contract recruitment process to land your dream job quickly

Many international professionals and students find job search in United States challenging and time taking as compared to their home countries. In order to land your dream job quickly and more easily first we as international professionals need to understand the process of recruitment. In United States life science recruitment process is used primarily for internships, co-ops, contractors, part time and full time opportunities. Life science companies use recruitment agencies under managed service providers and other consulting companies along with their own human resource team.

Being a job seeker we need to understand how the process works from job posting in any job board to resume screening, telephonic interview, in person interview and offer of the position. In this post I will go over the recruitment process in staffing and recruitment companies for temporary, contract, part time and other opportunities for their respective clients.

Recruitment agencies/ Contract staffing companies/ Consulting companies – recruitment process.

All staffing companies’ works primarily under the umbrella of managed service providers for multinational life science clients. Small to mid-size companies work directly with recruitment companies for their contractor staff needs instead of adopting managed service provider program. Client life science companies provide job descriptions, assignment length, compensation details to the staffing companies either through managed service provider (Kelly OCG, Randstad, Adecco, ) or directly to agencies based on type of program they are working with. See the detailed process flow below :

I would like to draw attention of international professionals, students and associates who are applying for contract positions coming in to the job market. While applying for contract jobs please remain aware of below mention facts

1. Most of the contract opportunities are put to halt in less than 4 hours

Due to increased number of staffing companies and high demand of contract consultants, Managed service providers are receiving high volume of resume for every open position and forced to pause the submission in order to present limited number of resumes to hiring manager.

If you see a position out in market for more than 1 day
Ask your recruiter if they see position open in their system before sharing your complete information. Contract recruitment has become more real time than we think. Undergoing complete recruitment process in case of position is halt will not help you in securing the job.
Instead you should focus on positions which are active in same or other companies at the same time, which will increase your probability of getting shortlisted and selected.

2. Halt position may or may not open for new submission

Hiring manager may like few resume from the first lot of submission from staffing agencies and schedule telephonic round. In some cases hiring manager may not like any resumes and ask managed service provider to reopen the position for submissions.
If your recruiter takes your resume even after position is on halt be active in following up with your agency of representation to see if position became active again or not.

3. Multiple submission of same candidate may result in candidate rejection

Be careful to ask for the position title and requisition number before getting submitted to any contract opportunity. Let the recruiter know that you have already applied for this position through another staffing agency. Further in some case staffing agencies like to fill you a right to representative form, avoid chances of filling multiple right to representative forms for same position.

4. Reference check before submission

As per standard recruitment practice reference check are done after your selection as a part of your back ground check process. In some cases hiring manager gives call to your references before making final decision on your candidacy. However if any agencies ask for your reference before submission there are two main reasons , one they may feel suspicious about your profile on your knowledge and skills. Two which is a more common business development and networking technique’s through which staffing companies try to develop their business with your reference.

Please remind your recruiter about time and mode of communications your reference prefer to get in contact. Also gives a heads up to your reference about your interest and submission in specific position. Further make your recruiter aware to keep communication within reference check process while talking to your references. Bringing business development and network makes your reference colleagues feel in tough situation and may not want to give your reference in near future.

8th Aug 2016