Standard Structure & Contents
of SOP


Defines the reason for preparing the SOP


Defines the applicability of the SOP to specific departments, areas or sections.


Difines the designated person preferable the head of the initiating department who is accountable for compliance of the SOP.


Write the procedure /method in short sentences and in simple language.
Use present tense in instruction form to write SOP.
Do not write the instructions in long paragraphs.
Mention all the checks to be carried out, records to be maintained, frequency of various operations, checks, and precautions, if any.
Enclose all the Annexure with SOP if applicable.

Write the SOP in English

Wherever required the SOPs shall be written in local language.


Mention a list of references to guidance documents based on which the SOP has been prepared,
If there is no reference for the SOP, mention ‘Not Applicable.’


Mention a list of all Annexures enclosed in the SOP. If there is no Annexure in the SOP, mention ‘Not Applicable’.


Describe all the abbreviations in the SOP


The Type of font for the contents in SOPs shall be preferably ‘Times New Roman. Use single type of font through out the SOP.
The font size for all the contents should be preferably 10 and should be uniform except for Headings which will be in bold preferably with font size of 11.
Headers and footer should always be in Bold. The SOP format no should be displayed on each page at the bottom corner.


Each SOP shall have a unique numbering system which includes version numbering.


Location: The name of location of the plant for which SOP is applicable
Department: The name of the Department for which SOP is applicable.
Title: Brief Title of SOP

SOP No.: Unique SOP No
Revision No.: Revision No. consists of two numerical characters starting from 00.
Supersedes: Mention previous version no.
Effective Date: The effective date shall be stamped by QA after final authorization.
Review Date: The normal review period will be 2-3 years from the effective date of the SOP.
SOP shall be revised on need basis with proper justification, All SOPs shall be mandatory reviewed and revised once in two years.
Page: The page number shall be mentioned in xx of yy format.
Signature: The footer comprises of three columm i.e. Initiated By, Reviewed By & Approved By. Each of three columms consists of 3 rows. Name of the person, signature and the date on which the person signs the SOP.
Annexures attached shall also be signed.
Format No.: A unique number assigned to the format used for preparation of all SOPs shall be printed at bottom left corner of footer.

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27th Sept 2017