Looking for internship-coops: Five things you shouldn’t do

1. Stop applying for full time (Permanent) positions

Most companies program their candidate screening software in such a way that they screen out all candidates with Non Immigrant visa status. As they need citizens or candidates with green card status to ensure continuous services from the selected candidate. Another disadvantage of applying for full time positions is the risk of populating your outdated resume in companies’ candidate data pool.

2. Don’t use generic resumes while applying for jobs

Job portals such as Career builder, indeed and Monster allow you to Quick apply for other positions similar to the job you just finished applying. Those feature allows us to feel good being finding similar positions and applying for more positions with less work. However we keep sending generic resume for many positions which eventually reduces our opportunity to get shortlisted. Similarly other disadvantages are mention below:

  • Reduce chances for screening and interview opportunity one resume is available for different jobs which require different set of experience, education and skills requirements.

  • Recruiters and staffing companies assess your skills, experience and education by reviewing your generic resume against job description to make decision on your candidacy.

  • Applying for same position from different job boards and staffing companies Keep track of positions you apply by maintaining a excel sheet with date, company and positions details. Many candidates’ profile gets rejected due to multiple applications for the same position through different agencies and job boards.

3. Remove LinkedIn status “Actively seeking”

Recruiters use LinkedIn in to search for potential candidates to fill open positions with their clients by doing search using skills, designation, and status. If your status is “actively seeking Co-op and Internship “it reduces the chances of your profile visit and review by recruiting person. The reason behind this negation is your status on LinkedIn, even if you have 3+ years of relevant experience and all required skills. Despite being a part of professional program and eligible to do co-op and internship until and of your studies, professionals who add a status “Actively seeking Co-op and Internship” loose many contract opportunity that may have been considered as internship and co-op while being a student.

4. Don’t apply if you are not eligible for Internship/ Coop: Know your dates

Applying for various jobs through different job portals such as Indeed and career builders well ahead of your CPT eligibility can be very risky. Know your dates, curricula requirements and timeline for work authorization processing before starting application. Early application even with excellent resume for right position ends with recruiter’s evaluation of unable to start work until “x” date. Recruiters upload their comments on individual candidate profile after doing a discussion and other team members may not give you a call back even by liking your profile because of existing comment on your profile.

8th Aug 2016